SG Recommends

Whether you’re just starting your path to financial awakening or have reached FI nirvana, there are the services, sources and books I recommend.

Mindfulness-related Goodness

Financial Tools

  • Personal Capital. Amazing tool to track your asset allocation and investment fees. Highly recommend.
  • Mint. A bit better for budgeting and paying bills than PC, yet not as strong for investments.
  • Optimal Retirement Planner: an amazing free tool for analyzing retirement scenarios.


  • Mr Money Mustache: the man, the myth, the movement. Love him even though I’m not nearly bad ass enough.
  • MadFientist: lots of very detailed FI analysis and a great podcast too.
  • Bogleheads Forum: a wealth of information on investing. Always go here if you want good advice from successful people.
  • Afford Anything: great blog and podcast on early retirement, real estate and philosophy.